The artist’s showroom is located in via Nazionale 67, in the beautiful east-Tuscan town of Cortona, a few kilometres from Umbria.

Situated on a hilltop, Cortona appears like the queen of the Val di Chiana. Originally an Etruscan centre of considerable importance, its location gave it control of the roads linking the cities of Arezzo and Perugia, Siena and the Val Tiberina. Cortona’s fifth-century BCE Etruscan walls are still intact.

Cortona was one of twelve Etruscan federated states, and its importance is impressively visible not only in its ancient walls and the tombs in the vicinity, but also in the finely crafted objects in bronze and terracotta that have come to light in and around the town.

The city has a rich history of tales and legends; centuries ago it was said that Cortona was founded by the hero Dardanus, also famed for founding Troy.

Cortona has been the birthplace of a number of illustrious artists: Luca Signorelli, known for his skill as a draughtsman and original use of perspective, is considered one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance. Pietro Berrettini, also known as Pietro da Cortona, was one of the most important painters and architects of the early Baroque; more recently there was Gino Severini the Futurist. Cortona is also home to the singer Jovanotti (Lorenzo Cherubini) and his family.

Today, life in the town – a popular destination for international tourists – proceeds peacefully, glorying in its past traditions rather than trying to move towards the future. And this is what Cortona’s townspeople want: a calm, traditional town, far from the all-too- violent upheavals and changes of the modern world, which are so often imposed rather than desired.

Cortona is still today an ideal place to live and work, drawing inspiration from the enchanting landscape and its rich, cultural and artistic heritage.